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How To Remove Audio From Video: 5 Easy Methods (2020 Guide)

So you’re working on a project, and you need to use a clip without the audio. Maybe you’re doing a compilation for your pet’s birthday or a fanmade music video for your favorite ship. Or, y’know. Homework. 

Editing video can be intimidating because the programs tend to have so many features that make it feel like you’re staring at the Millenium Falcon instead of a video editing software. (Looking at you, Premiere.) However, it’s not all rocket science. Here are a few methods on how to remove audio from video. 


If you don’t have any background in video editing at all – zero, nada, zilch – here’s a rundown of video editing terms and what they mean.

  1. Import: Placing a file onto the video editor. Note: most of the time, selecting a video from the Import button will only leave it in the “Imported files” section of the editor – you have to drag and drop them to the timeline from that section in order to edit them.
  2. Timeline: The horizontal workspace at the bottom part of the screen. This is where you drag clips and audio to edit. 
  3. Export: This button processes and creates the output file after you edit a video. Note: make sure you know what your default destination folder is to avoid having to look for the file after.

Filmora - removing audio from video
(Source: Filmora)


It’s not an overstatement to say that Wondershare Filmora helped me finish my degree. For those who aren’t versed with the technicalities of video editing, Filmora is like training wheels.  

With a beginner-friendly UI and the choice between basic or advanced mode, you’ll get the clips you need in no time. To remove audio from video using Filmora, here are two methods:

Method 1: “Mute” Feature

  1. Import the file on your computer.
  2. Open Filmora.
  3. Drag and drop the file to the timeline of the software’s interface. 
  4. Right-click on the file in the timeline and select mute
  5. Save and export the file according to the desired video format.

If you don’t need to mute it but want to tweak the audio levels or extract the audio file, you can use this method: 

Method 2: “Audio Detach” Feature

  1. Import the file on your computer.
  2. Open Filmora.
  3. Drag and drop the file to the timeline of the software’s interface. 
  4. Right-click on the file in the timeline and select audio detach. This will display a separate strip for the audio in the timeline.
  5. Adjust or cut audio as needed.
  6. Save and export the file according to the desired video format.
  7. For getting an audio file: select and erase the video strip on the timeline, then save and export as a .mp3, etc.

Clideo - removing audio from video
(Source: Clideo)


They say we’re an entitled generation that expects to get what we want at the click of a button. If what you want is for that pesky audio to be removed, Clideo is the thing for you.

If you don’t have the time, the budget, or the patience to install a new program, Clideo is a fast and easy way to remove your audio. It is a free website which supports all video formats. If you’re in a pinch, this is definitely the way to go. 

It’s compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, so you don’t need to worry about whether it’ll work for you. Most importantly, it is security-encrypted, so your video files are protected at all times.

How to remove audio with Clideo:

  1. Go to Clideo. 
  2. Open a video you want to remove sound from (via files storage or entering a URL). 
  3. Upload the video.
  4. Wait a few seconds.
  5. Watch the playback preview to make sure it’s what you wanted.
  6. Save and download your video.

Et voila! You now have a muted audio clip.

Kapwing - remove audio from video
(Source: Kapwing)


Another one-click muting magician site is Kapwing. It’s almost the same in function as Clideo. Here is how to remove audio from video with Kapwing.

How to remove audio with Kapwing:

  1. Go to Kapwing. 
  2. Open a video you want remove sound from (again, via files storage or entering a URL).
  3. Upload the video.
  4. Wait a few seconds.
  5. Save and download your video.

Now you can continue editing your tearful birthday presentation for your pet hamster.

Clideo and Kapwing both offer other basic video editing features as well, so keep that in mind while you’re cramming for a presentation. Or your pet’s… Ok, I’ll stop

imovie - removing audio from video
(Source: Apple)


Exclusive to Mac and iOS users, iMovie has one of the most effective stabilizers I’ve seen on a video editing program. Seriously, iMovie can turn the shakiest found-footage-a-la-Witch-Blair clips into Natural Geographic timelapse levels of stability. 

Anyway, when it comes to removing audio, iMovie has also got your back in a few easy steps.

How to remove audio with iMovie:

  1. Open iMovie.
  2. Import the clip by dragging and dropping it to the timeline.
  3. Tap the clip to reveal an inspector at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap the Audio button. 
  5. Tap the Mute button next to the volume slider. 
  6. When you turn off sound for a video clip, a mute icon appears in the upper-left corner of the clip in the timeline.
  7. Save and export your video in the desired file format.

VLC - removing audio from video
(Source: VLC)


If you’ve known someone who torrents movies, or you are that someone, you’ve probably watched one on VLC at some point. The VLC player is a universally known video player known for its compatibility with many video formats and codecs. VLC is also a universal platform, so no one is excluded. 

Aside from these features, you can also use VLC to remove audio from videos. 

How to remove audio with VLC:

  1. Open VLC 
  2. Select Media from the menu toolbar.
  3. In the dropdown box, select Convert/Save 
  4. Select Add in the dropdown box.
  5. Import the clip you want to remove audio from
  6. Choose Convert from the small drop-down menu
  7. Click the spanner icon next to Profile in the next window.
  8. Look for the Audio codec tab and uncheck the box next to Audio in the window.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Select the file folder destination.
  11. Select Start to export/recode video without the audio

You don’t have to panic the next time you have to remove audio, because here are all the free and easy ways to do so. Now, you can use these methods for your future projects. 

Good luck and have fun editing!


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