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Audioblocks 2020 Review: Is It Worth Using?

Back in 2009, entrepreneur Joel Holland thought of starting a business to help with one of the ultimate dilemmas of most creative professionals – affordable premium stock creative content. 

joel holland
Joel Holland photo via bizjournals

 With that in mind, he launched Videoblocks and Graphicstock (currently known as Storyblocks Images) two stock media companies that provide affordable stock video footage and images for professional digital media and video production creatives. 

Later on, he went on another stock media business – Audioblocks – to provide a subscription-based stock music service. 

What is Audioblocks?

What is Audioblocks

In 2017, Holland decided to merge the three sites – Videoblocks, Graphicstock, and Audioblock – into a one-stop-shop of amazing, royalty-free stock content. This site is what we call now as Storyblocks. 

Storyblocks’ audio library, Audioblocks, is a subscription-based provider of unlimited royalty-free licenses to over a hundred thousand songs, sound effects, and loops. 

You can download all audio content that you want any time, anywhere, keep them forever, and use them for your commercial and personal media projects, without worrying about any copyright licensing issues. 

How does Audioblocks Works?

How does audioblock works
Audioblocks : Home

Audioblocks has flexible subscription plans to make sure you can simply get what you need from its growing media library at an affordable price. 

For individual subscriptions, you can choose between monthly or annual billings. 

monthly plans
Individual Monthly plan

Monthly subscription ranges from $9 to $65 with Standard License included. The Basic Audio monthly plan costs $9 with an unlimited member library access and 3 music downloads per month, while the Unlimited Audio monthly plan is available for only $15 with the same unlimited library access, and unlimited downloads to music, sound effects, and loops. 

If you want to maximize the use of Audioblocks, you can go for the Unlimited All Access monthly plan that costs $65. With this plan, you can have an all-in member library access and unlimited download to all of their music, sound effects, loops, 4k video footage, After Effects templates, photos, vectors, and even illustrations. 

annual plan
Individual annual plan

If you’re thinking of using Audioblocks for a long-term period, getting their annual packages and save up to 50%. The Basic Audio annual package only costs $8.25 per month, while their Unlimited Audio annual plan is available for just $12.42 monthly, billed annually. Their Unlimited All Access annual service, on the other hand, is up for just $29.08 per month.

Audioblocks offers unlimited licensing subscription plans exclusive for businesses or corporations, too. You can get a price quote through their website if you want to get their unlimited member library downloads with flat-rate pricing, $1 million indemnification, organization-wide licensing, and perpetual worldwide license services for your company. 

The $1 million indemnification service is a big bargain for enterprises. Indemnification is a legal guarantee that the content you will purchase from the site will not infringe anyone’s intellectual property rights. 

Hence, if any issue occurs, Audioblocks got your back with its $1 million indemnification limit for businesses. And if you’re an individual subscriber, don’t worry! Their plans with Standard License has $20,000 indemnification coverage.

If you are confused about the difference between the license covering an individual and a business, their FAQs has an answer to it:

A license that covers an individual gives one person the coverage and usage rights for content. Only you can use the assets you download. You can share finished projects however you like—you just can’t distribute the original stock media files. A license that covers a business provides usage rights for all your team’s seat holders. You and your business are covered with up to $1M in indemnification and truly unlimited distribution. Assets can be shared across a team, department, or even an entire company—depending on the number of seats purchased. If you need our content licensed to your business, talk to our Enterprise team.

What are the Audio Options Available?

Audioblocks offers a wide range of royalty-free audio for your video production needs – music, sound effects, and loops. With their audio search feature, you can sort and specify the following options to effortlessly find the exact audio that you are looking for:

Moods: dark, epic, happy, inspiring, love, playful, relaxing, sad, serious;

Instruments: brass, guitar, orchestra, percussion, piano, synth, vocals, woodwind;

Genres: ambient, blues, bumpers & stingers, chill out, cinematic, classical, corporate, country, electronic, folk, hip hop, holidays & special events, horror, jazz, kids & family, pop, R&B, religious, rock, world;

Vocals: vocals/lyrical, no vocals/instrumental.

Why is it Better than Other Stock Music Websites?

Compare Commons (CC) license is among the most well-known copyright licenses for free public distribution of copyrighted works. CC licenses require their users to release projects with the same license type as the music they used. 

This implies that if you re-use their music for free for your film, you also have to release your film for free and allow the public to reuse your film for free as well. CC licenses are not adviseable for profitable projects. Audioblocks, when compared with CC licenses, is a lot better because the audio you are getting 100% royalty-free and can be used for your business.

There are also other traditional royalty-free stock music sites out there, but some have audio watermarks on each track. Audioblocks is better because you can freely use the whole music, sound effect or loop without any audio watermark bothering your ears. 

You can also find more royalty-free music tracks anywhere, however, these tracks usually cost $5 and above. This amount will easily empty your budget if you need several audios. Audioblocks offers you a buffet selection of high-quality tracks that you can use for any type of project, anywhere, any time. 

How User-Friendly is Their Website?

Audioblocks.com’s interface is user-friendly. There are many options you can choose from to personalize your search for the right track. Are you searching for a music track? Sound effect? Or loop music? You’ll surely find whatever you are looking for by sorting your search by mood, genre, instrument, vocals, tempo, and duration. Each track has an MP3 and WAV file format versions available for downloads, which is important for most editing software with required music file formats. 

Is it Worth Paying for Music on Audioblocks?

From the above comprehensive discussion, the answer is, of course, a definite YES. Their CEO Joe Holland stressed in one of his statements that they are, and will continue to be, the same artist-friendly company that has more to offer to the creative community. And they stayed true to that statement with their artist-friendly subscription packages with unlimited access to their continuously growing library of over 100,000 music tracks, sound effects, and loops that can be used in any project. You will not waste what you paid for because even if your subscription has ended, your downloaded tracks will be yours to use forever.

3 Alternatives to Audioblocks


Soundstrip is a royalty-free music service offering flat-rate subscription fees. Its flat annual-rate is $135, while their monthly payment fee is $15. An easy and awesome bargain. These subscription plans feature unlimited licenses and downloads of their high-quality royalty-free tracks, perfect for creative professionals such as independent and commercial filmmakers, wedding videographers, marketing agencies, or even freelancers. 

The downside is the website interface can be sluggish sometimes, and their music library only has 3000 tracks so far which is quite smaller than other competitors. 


Artlist offers many upbeat stock music for commercial and explainer video creatives. This site offers a one-time yearly subscription fee of $200 to have unlimited access to their vast stock music library. Their library is licensed worldwide so you will not have any worries to use their tracks for any kind of video project that you will do. Although some of their stock tracks are not super high quality, their library is continuously growing so you still have a lot more alternatives in case you find some tracks with low quality. 


Musicbed is a star in modern licensing services. It has a wide range selection of emotive and cinematic music from independent creative artists, making it stand out in the music and film industry. The site also has a clean and minimal interface that doesn’t sacrifice its powerful search and filter features. 

Although, Musicbed’s prices can quickly get higher depending on your usage. They offer reasonable rates for personal and non-commercial projects, but prices could climb higher if it’s for film, commercial, or broadcast purposes. 

Their subscription service is not royalty-free, too, which can lead to your videos receiving flags by content ID and copyright issues. Although, Musicbed is doing actions to clear these copyright issues for the members through an automated system. 

Despite having many competitors, Audioblocks is still an undeniable gem in the stock media service industry. They help simplify the lives of their video creative members and make their work more efficient, more artistic, and worry-free. Don’t hesitate to visit their website to check out more from their services.


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