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15 Free Audio Book Websites (2020 Edition)

They say life is too short, so you should keep reading. However, when life gives you a full-packed and long to-do list, seriously, who has time for reading? 

So many books, so little time. If this is a dilemma your bookworm self currently has, we got your back. There are many free audiobook sites to help you cope with your cravings for some good reads. 

You can also stream to these sites whenever you are not in the mood to use your eyes but wants to hear a good story, or whenever you are outside with your mobile devices.. like when you need to calm down in the middle of a heavy, head-aching traffic.


free audiobooks audible
Audible logo from Amazon

Audible is Amazon’s premium audiobook platform has been in the limelight of audiobooks since its existence. One of the many reasons is its thousands of wide selections of audiobooks, including many exclusive titles. You can listen to the audiobooks using your computer or a mobile device.

They have a free 30-day trial period in which you can download your first two audiobooks for free. 

If you are from the United States or the United Kingdom, you can subscribe to Audible in two options: (1) download one audiobook per month for 14.95 USD or 7.99 EURO; (2) two audiobook downloads per month for 22.95 USD or 14.99.

If you are from Australia, they also have a plan for one audiobook per month for 16.45 AUD.

If you don’t feel like subscribing, you can also choose to buy audiobooks from Audible in a la carte. Although that would cost you more. 


LibriVox photo from Google Play Store

Librivox has over 10,000 audiobooks with diverse titles. These titles are mostly recorded and released as public domain books for free. 

You can find free audiobooks using their search feature by title, author, genre, or language. Some specific chapters are available for listening without the need to download all of them. 

You can directly download a whole audiobook from Librivox in a zip file, or via torrent or m4b file. Librivox is available on mobile devices for a worry less streaming. They will also let you receive new releases through podcasts.


Loyal Books photo from Loyal Books Facebook

Loyal Books, (previously known as Books Should Be Free), shares public domain audiobooks for free. 

With their easy-to-use search and download features, you can find many titles with genres ranging from Children, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, and many more. You will also find some gem titles like Paradise Lost of John Milton, and The Return of Sherlock Holmes of Conan Doyle. 

You also have the chance to submit a review of a specific book you have listened to, and also read reviews from other users.

You can stream, listen, and download audiobooks from Loyal Books using your computer or any mobile devices. Downloads can be done in mp3s and zip files, m4b file, or even in RSS reader. 


open culture
Open Culture photo from Open Culture

Open Culture may be similar to a lot of free audiobook websites. However, it still differs because of their compiled browsing list. They have thousands of fictions, non-fiction, and poetry to choose and download from, arranged in alphabetical order for easy reading and easy browsing. Here, you can find some classics like Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, and titles from Ray Bradbury, Virginia Wolf, James Baldwin, and Maya Angelou.

Aside from free audiobooks, you can also find free movies, language courses, eBooks, and online courses in Open Culture. 


story nory
Story Nory photo from Antelope High School

If you’re looking for the perfect free audiobook site for your kids, you should check out Storynory. 

Storynory offers a wide selection of children audiobooks, including classics, fairy tales, educationals, and other original stories. Although they are very child-friendly, nobody would stop you from using it as well if you want to hear the books of Brothers Grimm, Aesop’s fables, or even the 1,001 Nights stories. 

They often release new sets of audiobooks with text. Each book can be streamed or downloaded through their website, through iTunes subscription, o in other podcasting services. 


audiobook sync
Audiobook Sync photo from BookRiot

Audiobook Sync is another kid-friendly free audiobook source. Sponsored by AudioFile Magazine, and delivered by Overdrive, the Audiobook Sync encourages kids, teens, and even the young-hearted ones, to read during their summer vacations. How? They are giving away two free audiobooks every week during this season. 

This initiative is a way to help the young ones to sharpen their reading and comprehension skills before returning to school. 

Although Audiobook Sync is only available during the summer season, you can sign up for it to receive alerts via SMS or email to know when they are releasing new audiobooks.


rakuten overdrive
Rakuten OverDrive photo from Rakuten OverDrive

Rakuten Overdrive is your go-to site if you want to borrow audiobooks for free and with free samples. 

You will need a library card from an accredited library to use it, so you need to find one with an Overdrive subscription to get access to their free audiobook downloads that includes many recent and best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles. 

Rakuten Overdrive’s usage is similar to how you use and borrow books from your local libraries. Borrow an audiobook and return it at the end of the loan period. You can use Libby, or the mobile app from any mobile device to access it.

Overdrive also offers free eBooks, music, and movies. 


internet archive
Internet Archive photo from Wikipedia

The Internet Archive offers thousands of free audiobooks available for multiple format downloads. 

They have many search sorting options and filters to better help you find the right audiobook. They have over 18,000 audiobooks and poetry available, with some popular titles including The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Art of War, and Dracula.

You can download the files in multiple audio formats and can be in bulk or by specific individual chapter.


Digitalbook.io photo from Digitalbook.io

Previously known as Librophile, Digitalbook.io is another public domain audiobook source for free streaming and downloads. They have over 100,000 items, audiobooks, and regular eBooks combined. 

With Digitalbook.io, you can change your playback rate, and listen to the audiobooks through an iTunes podcast. 

Browsing features can be easily done with its most popular, trending, and recently added list. You can also find titles arranged by genres or authors.

Like other audiobook sites, you can stream or download a whole audiobook for free or by specific chapters.


google audiobooks
Audiobooks photo from Amazon

This subscription-free audiobook service is currently on the line to compete with Amazon’s Audible. Google Audiobooks lets you listen to audiobooks for free, or download them without any subscription needed.

The Google Audiobooks application can be downloaded using any mobile devices, Google Chromecast, and any Google-supported devices. 

Although Google Audiobooks has a library of thousands of titles, including many bestsellers, it is still not as extensive as Audible. Nonetheless, we can expect it to widen even more in the coming months and years. 


Scribd photo from Google Play Store

Scibd offers a quite different audiobook service when compared with the ones mentioned above. Some books are for free, while others can be accessed at a certain cost. 

The site lets you filter audiobook search results by language, styles, characters, book information, among others. 

Make sure to specify audiobooks on your search filters to avoid having eBooks and podcasts on your results.


project gutenberg
Project Gutenberg photo from Wikipedia

Project Gutenberg offers a wide collection of human-read free audiobooks that are in the public domain. Some finds include Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Colors of Space, and The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura. 

Some of their books are computer-generated and support many languages. You can save and download individual chapters, or even the entire audiobook.

To easily search for an audiobook, you can browse through their categories of authors, titles, languages, and recently added ones. 


Spotify photo from Spotify

If you use Spotify Premium for your music needs, you can easily use it for your audiobook needs as well. Only premium members can download the books for free but you can also stream to their audiobooks even without a premium account. A real catch, isn’t it? 

Although Spotify is more of a music streaming website than an audiobook, you can still find a handful of good audiobooks there, including classics like The Great Gatsby, and Pride and Prejudice. 


audiobooks youtube
Youtube photo from Youtube

Similar to Spotify, Youtube is more of a music and video service provider, but you can also stream audiobooks for free. And when we say free, we mean that all audiobooks here are for free streaming. You do not need any user account to access the site. Just search for a specific title followed by the keyword ‘audiobook.’ 

If you want to download the audiobook you found on Youtube, you just need to check if it’s a public domain, and then you can legally download using any legal Youtube downloader sites. 


new fiction
New Fiction photo from Lifewire

New Fiction describes its readings as “modern-day radio dramas.” Although there are many choices of titles to this date yet, all of their unique books are available for streaming and downloaded for free. 


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